Benefits and Outcomes

Dostal Diabetes Education Report 2017

What were the benefits from Dostal Diabetes Education?

  1. Participants lowered their blood sugars. Beginning average blood sugar was approximately 200 mg/dl. After having participated in Dostal Diabetes Education, participants had an average blood sugar of 115 mg/dl. American Diabetes Association recommends your fasting blood sugar be between 80-130 mg/dl.




*The beginning average A1C was 8.4. After participants completed Dostal Diabetes Education, the average A1C was 5.96.


       2. Participants increased their use of healthy behaviors. The American Diabetes Association lists seven healthy behaviors that improve diabetes control. Participants select one goal that would improve their diabetes or prediabetes. Here are how many participants chose a specific goal and how many achieved successes with that goal.


          3. Participants found the classes useful.
At the end of each class, participants ranked their feeling of control over diabetes, using a five-point scale—the lower the number, a lower level of confidence. At the first class, most participants ranked their feeling of control over diabetes as number 2 “I feel I could control my diabetes if I had more knowledge and discipline.” By the end of the six classes, all participants identified their confidence levels as number five “I feel I can successfully live with my diabetes.” You can see one client’s progress here.

First Class Evaluation


Last Class Evaluation