Diabetes Checklist

Comprehensive Diabetes Checklist
This is a list of management skills that all people with diabetes should review. If you don’t have all of these skills, ask your physician or certified diabetes educator (CDE) for help in acquiring these skills.

Diabetes (Do you have?) Questionnaire

Meal Planning

  • can select meals and snacks with appropriate amount of carbohydrate
  • discuss special foods and occasions
  • discuss options when dining out
  • portion control
  • low cholesterol, low-fat guidelines
  • label reading
  • alcohol
Self monitoring of Blood Glucose
  • how to interpret blood glucose values and make decisions in diabetes treatment plan
  • factors that cause high and low blood glucose
  • symptoms of high and low blood glucose
  • how to treat
  • how to prevent
  • when to call healthcare provider
  • exercise guidelines: how long, how hard, how often and when?
  • snacking adjustments
  • action and side effects of pills or insulin
  • timing and treatment schedule
  • what to do for missed doses
Sick Day Management
  • preventing life-threatening problems
  • monitoring and medication schedule
  • what to eat and drink
  • when to call the doctor

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