Food Prodigy

FoodProdigy allows clients to conveniently and immediately document their diet intakes and activities from their personal computer rather than relying on memory or keeping a journal by hand. You, in turn, have an accurate record, free of transcription errors.

Registered users can sign into the program here:


Product features:

  • Automatic dietary intake and activity analysis — via the Internet
    • Clients enter data and receive a summary report; a set of more detailed reports is automatically e-mailed to you.
    • You can use these reports directly to counsel your client OR you can import the dietary intake and exercise information into The Food Processor SQL for more extensive analyses and reports.
    • The client will receive a summary pdf report of the information entered with an analysis of Calories.
    • You will receive a batch of pdf reports including: Recommendations, Bar Graph, Calories & Exchanges, MyPyramid, Spreadsheet and Activity Summary.
    • Included with Dietitian Report is an exl file that can be imported directly into The Food Processor SQL for a more extensive analysis and reports.

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