Sports Checklist
Do you fuel your body with food before playing your sport?
Do you drink fluids before you train and compete?
Do you drink fluids every 10-15 minutes while exercising?
I take a water bottle to practice filled with:  
  Sports drink
Do you eat a meal or snack every 3-4 hours (day and evening)?
Do you promote rapid recovery after exercising by:
-rehydrating with fluids?
-refueling with carbohydrate-rich foods?
Name three carbohydrate foods you like to eat.
I continue to eat 3-6 hours after practice
I weigh myself before and after practice.
Do you enjoy the foods you eat?
Lowfat chocolate milk would be a good drink after practice.
Do you know how to evaluate sports nutrition information and advertising for sport foods and fluids?
During training do you experiment with eating and drinking practices that you might use on competition days?
  -meals and snacks before exercise?
  -drinking fluids during an event or during breaks?
  -recovery meals and snacks?
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