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One-on-One Appointments

Want to schedule an appointment? Call or email Julie. First-time appointments usually take an hour. Prior to your appointment, you will receive via email a Health Release form, a 24-hour nutrition recall, and office policy. Not sure if medical nutrition therapy is covered by your insurance? We can check prior to your appointment.

At your initial visit, expect to do a lot of talking - especially about your current state of health and what you want to improve. After learning about your health history, favorite foods, eating and exercise habits, Julie will discuss options available to you and what you can expect. Follow-up visits will focus on monitoring your progress.

Diabetes Classes 

Dostal Diabetes Self Management Education Program (DSME) works with your physician to help you juggle the daily rigors of food and eating, exercise, blood sugar monitoring, and medications - all necessary for diabetes management. You can get the knowledge and skills you need to make better day-by-day decisions about your diabetes care. Accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, this program is eligible for Medicare reimbursement and is covered by most commercial insurers.

The Goal
Taking the DSME classes will help you control your blood sugar which reduces your risk of complications and your health care costs. These classes focus on 1)evaluating blood sugar results to improve your decision-making and 2) lifestyle changes - carbohydrate counting, exercise, taking medications, dealing with stress--that can improve your diabetes and your health.

At the end of the diabetes education program, at least 90% of participants will:
• Significantly improve glucose control
• Change one behavior in their diabetes management

How to get started:
• You will need a referral from the physician who treats your diabetes. Referrals can be faxed to 866-592-3004.
• If necessary, Julie can contact your physician and your insurer so you can start taking classes.
• Be prepared to meet with her individually before classes begin.
• Classes are covered by Medicare and may be covered by commercial health insurance plans.

For Diabetes Class schedule, please see the class schedule page

LIFESTEPS®Weight Management Course

If you are one of every four Americans who is trying to lose weight, you spend a lot of time focusing on what you can’t eat or shouldn’t do. Most diets are designed for rapid weight loss, ignore basic nutrition principles and lack nutritional adequacy. Furthermore, they ignore the dieter’s food preferences. And, within three years, most losers have regained the weight that they lost.

A weight management program called LIFESTEPS® is different. The desired outcome is to design an eating and physical activity plan you can live with--so that the weight you lose stays lost. 
The emphasis is on self-management - personal choice, responsibility, and accountability. Each individual is in charge of his or her own eating and physical activity. In this program, small groups of adults are guided to successfully take gradual steps toward changing their eating and physical activity behaviors. The LIFESTEPS® program provides tools for long-term weight management:

  • Self-monitoring - use food and activity records to observe specific behaviors.

  • Goal setting - analyze current behaviors and make deliberate, step-by-step changes.

  • Cognitive behavioral strategies - identify and change negative attitudes, beliefs, and expectations about eating, activity, weight and one’s perceived ability to make changes.

  • Social support - develop a network of people who help maintain motivation and reinforce positive behavior changes.

  • Relapse prevention training - identify and manage high risk situations that may trigger negative behavior patterns.

For LIFESTEPS® informational meeting dates and LIFESTEPS® class schedule, please see the class schedule page.

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